Advertise and Cut Energy Bills with Window Graphics

window graphic advertising

Use your windows to advertise …

If you have a shrinking advertising budget and are worried about the air conditioning bill …… then perforated window signs can be a great option!

Perforated window film allows for signage across the entire window and a clear view of the outside while blocking UV rays and keeping the building cooler. This type of sign turns your windows into prime advertising space. The added bonus of UV protection translates into energy savings, which make its ideal to have in place for the summer months. They’re so economical, you can have a different one for every month!

window graphic inside view

without compromising the view from inside!

We can use any graphic, simple or complex. It’s a great way to maximize your retail space and let potential customers know what’s happening!

Contact us today so that we can help you advertise on your window space and save money on your energy bill! Now that’s an effective way to use your advertising budget!