The Tallest Sign in the World


Did you know that the world’s largest freestanding LED sign is in Las Vegas? At a towering 260 feet tall and 65 feet wide, the new Aria sign truly does its job of drawing more attention to the new CityCenter.

“Their primary focus on the development was literally to be the city center and there wasn’t a lot of discussion about having to put up a sign in front of the place. I think the focus was on the architecture being the sign,” says Rick Juleen, managing director of Sales at YESCO, the company in charge of creating the sign. “It wasn’t until they were open for about 18-24 months that they realized they needed to do a better job of advertising all of their destinations within the destination.” Besides advertising, the sign also serves as a branding and wayfinding aid. The decision to make it such an impressive height was influenced by the surrounding towers and wanting the sign to not so much stand out, but more so to fit in.

The design process took about four months, with an additional four-six months spent on figuring out engineering details. Throughout the roughly ten-month period, design and engineering worked together to revise plans and make adjustments. One of the elements that needed some adjusting was the Aria logo, which features 26-foot tall letters at the top of the pylon. YESCO made some minor changes to the logo so that the letters were legible on the large scale required for the sign. They also placed a smaller-scale Aria logo with 8-foot, six-inch tall letters on the pedestrian-level bridge that the sign straddles. Both sets of letters have Lexan faces and are inter-illuminated with white LEDs. Brightness on the display is controlled automatically; the LED display system monitors ambient levels and automatically adjustments to the environment.

Have you been to Vegas to see this new world wonder? What do you think of this new custom-made sign?

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