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3 Things To Do at Your Next Networking Event

By: Alexandra BelvisBusiness man with business card

Networking is a great for so many reasons, but it doesn’t come easy for some people. Do you have problems related to not knowing what to say? Did you struggle with connecting with people at your last event? Whether you’re well-versed within the networking scene, or you’re just starting off, here are 3 tips for becoming a more successful networker.

1. Know your business-This may seem obvious, but according to blogger Neil Patel many business owners aren’t able to state how many customers they have or how much they charge for their products. Get in the habit of knowing your business numbers, which will not only show your experience, but will better show you areas for improvement.

2. Listen to build a connection-Strive to ask insightful questions about each person that you meet. Don’t just brag about your business or what your business can do for them. Your goal should be to make genuine connections, and then to take it a step further, introduce two people you know who could benefit from each other (aka superconnecting).

3. Have marketing products at hand-Your goal should never be to hand out as many business cards as possible, or to collect as many as possible. Instead, use your custom business cards or brochures as means of further connecting with someone after the event is over. For this reason, it never hurts to carry extra business cards in your wallet or laptop bag, especially if they are very unique, like this one.

About the author: Alexandra is the marketing manager and graphic designer for Signs3.

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