Stand Out with Channel Letters

For something that would appear so simple, channel letter signage is comprised of a very specific combination of many different elements. Aluminum, acrylic, neon and LEDs can all be part of a channel letter, while the signage is formed through routing and welding processes.

Lighting is an aspect that allows channel letter signage to stand out and remain visible at night. There are a number of lighting options when considering how to illuminate a channel letter sign, depending upon the configuration of the sign, but the most common is LED. This is due to improved technology, such as increased brightness and improved energy efficiency, and has led to longer product life, a more professional look, and lowered costs.

Retail locations seem to be the most popular areas for channels letters, but other locations such as stadiums, banks and store chains could utilize channel letter signage as well. As the business owner, a good first step would be to check with the property owner as to whether electrical signage is permitted.

If you are unsure if this type of signage is right for your business, let us help. We understand that there is a lot to consider with electrical signs. We help you understand both the technical aspects and legal requirements. We follow all of the requirements given from the landlord and/or the village, and will make sure that the correct permits are obtained for installation. Our pricing is reasonable and we work with you in the design process. Your image is our priority.

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…and at night.

Channel letters look great during the day…









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