Photoshop Features


Since we now offer graphic design services, we thought we would give some insight on cool Photoshop features that we can utilize to add “pizazz” to you images and make them appear more realistic.


Inner Shadow

Drop Shadow—Every object casts a shadow if placed in the path of a light source. Drop Shadows are a key element in creating credible, realistic images.

Inner Shadow—As a drop shadow is cast outward, an Inner Shadow is cast from the edge inward, toward its center. This style is used to model your image or to create inner depth.

Pink Inner Glow

Inner Glow—The best way to describe this effect is a soft-edged, light-colored stroke.

Bevel and Emboss—The Bevel and Emboss style applies a highlight and a shadow to create the illusion of three-dimensional relief. There are five styles of embossing, each of which applies a different kind of sculptured surface.

Satin—To produce the effect of light and shadow bouncing off a satiny surface, Photoshop applies a soft-edged shadow across the middle of the layer’s content.

Gradient Overlay

Gradient Overlay—This style is fairly self-explanatory. Gradient Overlay applies a gradient to the pixels on the image layer. A gradient from the current Gradient palette can be chosen, or a one can be created based on the colors of your choosing.

Stroke—Here, an outline is applied as an effect to the edge of the image. The color and size of the Stroke effect can be chosen and whether it’s placed on the inside, middle, or outside of the edge of the layer content. The Fill Type feature can also be used to apply a gradient or pattern to the Stroke.


These are just some of the features that we have at our disposal. If you have some artwork that you would like to see altered, let us do the work! Your image is our priority.



The content of this post is courtesy of:
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