November Client Spotlight: NV Penthouse/Prohibit

NV Penthouse needed a new outdoor sign due to the opening of their sister lounge, Prohibit.  The owners wanted the current outdoor box sign to include signage for Prohibit, but also wanted it to be easily distinguishable as to the location of each lounge. Since NV Penthouse is located on the upper level, it made sense to have their sign as the upper-most past, and Prohibit’s sign below it. Both custom-made signs display the unique styles of each lounge, while still fitting together nicely within the box frame.  Each lit sign contains their name in push-through lettering in their own brand colors.  The overall layout is clean, modern, and eye-catching.

NV Penthouse


NV Penthouse_Before


NV Penthouse Lounge brings Chicago’s breathtaking skyline within arm’s reach with the Chicago lights. They offer table service as well as special packages for private parties.  Prohibit is a subterranean cocktail lounge, offering classy after-work drinks and food and a nighttime dance club atmosphere. You can learn more about each lounge at their websites and They are also on Facebook and Twitter.

We thank NV Penthouse and Prohibit for choosing us to meet their signage needs!


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