March Client Spotlight #1: Billy Goat

Our first Client Spotlight for the month of March goes to Billy Goat Tavern.We have developed a great relationship with the famous Chicago chain and have done various types of signage for three of their locations. Here is a quick preview:


Billy Goat Merchandise Mart

The large neon sign for Billy Goat Merchandise Mart was created by us! It is a large panel sign with channel letters and exposed neon. The sign is large enough to make Billy Goat stand out and is appropriate for this specific location.




Billy Goat Inn

We also did this box sign for Billy Goat Inn on Madison Ave.  It’s unique in its shape, but fits well within the space. This time we used a different slogan, while continuing the use of their logo and brand colors. It’s simple, but still gets the point across. It does light up at night.


dimensional letters sign

Billy Goat Mt. Prospect

We have created several types of signage for the Mt. Prospect location. One includes the first sign that you would see as a customer: the large white and red panel sign clearly defining them as the “world famous tavern and grill.” The panel includes channel letters as well as their logo, a goat. We also created a digitally printed “Now Open” banner that matched their main sign and gave more attention to the new restaurant.




The second sign you would see is the door vinyl, again with their famous slogan. The vinyl further utilizes their brand colors and has the same oval shape as the panel sign. The vinyl adds something extra to their entrance door.



Billy Goat Menu1We also created the two sets of menu boards inside. Clearly depicting each item in a less-formal, sans serif font, each item was digitally printed on magnetic stripes for easy changeability, which was then mounted to a painted metal frame and panel with dimensional letters. Their brand colors are again used in the headings and the overall board is outlined with a simple black frame.


Billy Goat is so well known within the Chicago-land area, so we doubt we need to explain much more. However, if you want to read about their history, or to check out their menu, visit their website. You can also “LIKE” Billy Goat Tavern on Facebook or follow @Cheezborger on Twitter.

We thank Billy Goat for choosing us to meet their signage needs!

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