Logo Boxes

What is a logo box?

It is a separate contoured element of a channel letter sign that typically displays the business logo, tag line or branding statement. A logo box can take almost any shape. It is also called a contoured channel letter or a contoured logo. While light boxes and cabinet signs typically have squared corners and are illuminated by fluorescent tubing, a logo box can take almost any shape and is typically illuminated by LED. This “shaping flexibility” is a strong logo box selling point compared to the standardized shape of a cabinet sign.

Why bother with a logo box? Because it can add a substantial branding and an effective element to a pre-existing channel letter sign. A sign that might look flat with letters alone can really “pop” when a logo box is added. It can offer a significant opportunity to increase your marketing image and brand equity through signage. It can further aid in the process of building a brand through image recognition and recall, which is critical for the long term viability of a business.

Considering a logo box? Let us create it for you and help further your business brand!



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