Instagram’s New Custom-Made Logo

As part of its most recent update, Instagram has decided to make a typeface change for its main logo.  The redesign was created by Mackey Saturday, a brand strategist and designer from Denver, Colorado. He felt it was very important to maintain user familiarity while still streamlining its overall look for a cleaner and more refined appearance.


Old logo in black, new logo in blue

At first glance, the changes are not as obvious – the logotype is generally still in the familiar script font. A second look reveals more: The capitalized “I” now looks more like an “I” and less like a “J”, and the small “s” abandons its straightforwardness for a more stylized script version that better fits the look. The connectivity between letters – except for the leading “I”, looks more fluid and easier on the eyes. Compared to the older version, the new version looks much more elegant.

The original Instagram logotype used Billabong as its official font. Now, the new logo portrays not a commercial typeface, but rather a custom, symmetric, hand-made design.

What do you think of this new custom-made logo?

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