Elegant Mounted Signage

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Stand-off mounting system used with an etched glass sign.

Hanging a sign can be as simple as sinking a couple of screws through the sign face and into a wall. Or it can be as elaborate as creating an intricate metal sculpture to hold it in place. But for most applications, something between these extremes is required. And for this, there are many products in the marketplace that supply solutions. The most common methods are stand-off and suspension systems.

The value in a good quality signage mounting system can be found in three different areas: the visual effectiveness of well-designed mounting products, its durability, and its cost effectiveness.

But with so many choices, which mounting system is the right one for which project? Here’s a quick review of the most common systems used today.


Rod System

A rod display system can be used to display flyers and brochures.

Stand-offs are used to attach the signs to their mounting surface. This could be directly to a wall, or to a mounting rod or cable. The stand-off might be attached to the sign through a hole in the sign substrate, or it might be clipped to the edges of the sign.

Rail mounting systems typically are installed on a ceiling or high up on a wall. Rods hang from the rail extrusion and are attached to the sign using mechanical fasteners, adhesives or simple hook mechanisms. They allow signs to be easily changed regularly and avoid multiple holes in the walls.

Rod hanging systems provide a sturdy, rigid support for the signage. They are larger and stronger than cable, but also more noticeable. The rods hang from supports or rails located in the ceiling or higher up on the walls.

Cable system

A cool cable system used to display pictures.

Cable systems are a very durable method of hanging signs, but it is also flexible. For some purposes this lack of rigidity can be a disadvantage, but for most uses it is ideal. It is used in the same way as rods.

If you haven’t tried an architectural mounting system like stand-offs or suspension, let us create your first one. We would help you choose the right system based on your location and your design needs, and we also do installation. Your image is our priority.

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