POS System Security

EMV Migration. Are You Ready?

By: Valeria Rodriguez

EMV_Merchant Signs3






In the past months, EMV (integrated circuit cards a.k.a. “chipped” cards) technology adoption has managed to become a mainstream topic of conversation. A technology that has been in use throughout Europe for nearly a decade now brings the promise of better security practices to more consumers.

Small Chip, Big Security

EMV chip cards can be identified by their embedded chip—essentially ...

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Business Networking

3 Things To Do at Your Next Networking Event

By: Alexandra BelvisBusiness man with business card

Networking is a great for so many reasons, but it doesn’t come easy for some people. Do you have problems related to not knowing what to say? Did you struggle with connecting with people at your last event? Whether you’re well-versed within the networking scene, or you’re just starting off, here are 3 ...

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May Client Spotlight

Elite Dentistry-Custom Branded Signage

By: Alexandra Belvis

Picture 24






This new dental office in Addison, IL was in need of custom exterior and interior branded signage. It was important to incorporate the company’s unique cursive-font logo and gold crown. So for the outside, they received front-lit LED white channel letters, with an oval logo box, ...

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Company Fundraising

3 Ways to Spread Awareness about your Fundraiser

By: Alexandra Belvis

Your company is developing a philanthropic event and wants to get others involved. You can always ask friends and family to donate or volunteer, but that will only take you so far. Here are 3 things you can do spread awareness about the fundraiser or event, in the same way that you would for your business:

1. Leverage social media-Utilize all corporate accounts to tell your fans about the plans of your ...

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April Client Spotlight

Medical Pediatrics, LTD-Updated ADA Sign

By: Alexandra Belvis

Last year, Medical Pediatrics needed to update their ADA directory sign. With the addition of two new doctors, they needed the same done this year, but they wanted the second doctor’s name on a completely new custom office sign. To make sure the new sign match the current one, we utilized a 1/4″ sintra piece with a brushed aluminum finish. The doctors’ names were done in black vinyl and was easily applied to their current ADA sign.

“Signs3 ...

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Effective Advertising on a Low Budget

Three Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business

By: Alexandra Belvis

When you think about advertising, you probably first think about commercials, billboards or Google banner ads. These tactics are great, but they can also be very costly. It is possible to spread awareness of your business at a low cost to you. Below are three ways you can do this:

1. Leverage social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn aren’t just for personal use; you can also build free profiles for your company. If you already ...

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March Client Spotlight

Harvest Investment Services

We are the main provider of marketing products for this company, having designed and printed business cards, envelopes and presentation folders. Each item shows their logo and wheat stalk graphic, which helps to build their brand image. Their custom-made business cards have a very unique look, utilizing aquafoil to make their logo stand out. In working with John Alyo, one of the partners, the finalized layout is now clean and professional. It is also very modern, and helps the company to stand ...

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Business Tips

The Importance of Maintaining Your Website

By: Nathan Bracher

Imagine you have a business on Michigan Ave. in Chicago and a bunch of potential customers are walking up to your store. The first thing they are going to do is probably look through the window to see what’s inside. If it looks clean, organized, and well put together, they will probably feel more comfortable going in, looking around, and probably come back for another visit. If they look through the window and ...

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