April Client Spotlight #1: Relax The Back

We have done different types of signage for Relax The Back locations in Lincolnshire, Northbrook, and Chicago- Lincoln Park. For the Lincolnshire and Northbrook locations, we we created their main store sign, which includes front lit channel letters and a logo box. For their Lincoln Park location, we have created window vinyl.  All of this signage has made their store fronts more recognizable from afar and separates them from neighboring stores. The window vinyl specifically unites all of the store windows together. The signage emphasizes their business brand through the use of displaying their circular logo as well as utilizing their brand colors, royal blue and white.

Relax The Back is the country’s leading retailer in specialty products designed to ease and eliminate neck and back pain. They sell posture & back support products as well as self-care solutions. Their on-site consultants are trained in basic spinal health and anatomy issues. They work with you and your doctor to find the right product suited for your needs. You can visit their website to check out all of the products they sell.  You can “LIKE” them on each of their Facebook pages and can also follow @RelaxTheBack on Twitter.

We thank Relax The Back for choosing us to meet their signage needs!


Lincolnshire Location

Relax The Back Northbrook

Northbrook Location


Chicago Lincoln Park Location

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