3 Things to Remember during the Holidays

It’s the holiday season, and people are out spending. Having a variety of signs can help capitalize on holiday traffic, but here are 3 things to remember:

  1. Check your lights— If you have any type of lit sign, be sure that all components are illuminated at night. Customers should be able to clearly identify you while shopping at all parts of the day, and will also be more drawn to your store than with a sign not fully functioning.
  2. Big text, short message—In all forms of window advertising, try to display text as large as possible, in the shortest amount of words as possible. It is more likely that a customer will read “SALE TODAY” verse “All a, b and c items are on sale today only from x am – y pm.”
  3. Don’t forget about your logo—Even on a sign displaying a promotion, be sure to incorporate your business name and logo somewhere. This will be especially useful if you have outdoor signage in a busy area, such as a mall or major street. CustomersHoliday sale sign should know right away who the sign belongs to and where to go from there. This will also help in building company awareness.
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